Thursday, March 1, 2012

Frens hang out!! Refreshing!!!

Hey All,

Felt like sharing this one....

It has been 2 years I joined IBM and I have made some awesome friends here :-)) We guys: Me, Archana, Akki, Smitha and Praveen decided to meet up someplace and have fun. I did my Night shift and came home early morning and slept for sometime; while my fren Archana was @ office. Akki and Smitha were home as it was their week off. I has asked Akki to wake me by 12:30. Good Boy called me and woke me up.

I woke up, started to get ready and Smitha gave me a call to check if I was awake :). We decided to meet up @ M G Road by 3PM. I got ready and had little of the delicious Pulav mom had prepared. I went to Akki's place where he was lying down and watching TV. Told him to get ready and we left to M G Road.

By this time Smitha also left her village (Yelahanka) towards city. Archana called to check if we left and told me that Uma who was also @office felt bad cos I didnt call her. I did msg her though. But didnt get a reply. Later cam to know that she had changed her number :) I spoke to her and convinced her to come meet up. Me and Akki called Praveen to check if he left Office and told him to meet near Amoeba.

 Me and Akki reach the place and went in search of hotel as he was hungry. We went to one and he took Maddur Vada (2 nos). Meanwhile, Archana and Uma had reached and were waiting near Amoeba. We hurried to the place and checked on Smitha. She joined us and there was a confusion on which road is the amoeba Road. After research, we went to get blastings from Archana for making them wait :D well, I got all the scoldings as usual.

We decided to eat first as most of us were hungry. So headed back to Brigades to eat..Pizza Hut. Spent quality time there :) Loads of chit chatting..pulling leg and most importantly photo sessions :) After a good meal, Gals went to make few calls and we then left to Amoeba.

Uma the baby girl was excited herhe..hehehe.. We changed to the Bowling shoes and went it. Keyed in our names: Praveen, Ganesh, Akki, Smitha, Archana and Uma Srinivas was the order. Praveen was a good bowler :) I was okok and Akki seemed good at the play but was new to it. :)

Uma was the Spin bowler who carried the bowling ball like a Pot of water, and rolled it out. Archana was the Slow motion expert who like to make a strike and a Foul at the same time :) Miss Durvigere on the other hand looks like patient but has the strength of 7 horses. Her style of bowling was tooo funny.

We managed to put in a good fight and loads of screaming and laughing. Was fun there. Praveen was the top Scorer, Smitha next, Akki the 3rd and I was 4th till the half game:) Tables turn u know.... hehehehe...Akki used to wait for the heaviest ball to come from the machine and use it. hehehe.

I thought why not give a try with the heavy one. Well it sure did work...We all managed to make one strike. :) and finally I was the winner :) followed by Praveen and Akki. :):):) Guys ROCK@!!!!! It sure was fun.
We headed out of the bowling alley and Archana noticed the hammer game. Game is to make a high score by hitting the Bulls-eye using a hammer. I went first. Made a pretty good number. Then went Akki, followed by Smitha, Praveen and Archana. Could't beat the high score though. After a lot of fun, we took rest for a while there and Uma said she had to Leave. We dropped her till the Auto and sent her off.

It was a loooong pending wish for Akki to go in Bengalooru Metro which I couldn make come true. Today was the day!! We decided to go in Metro from M G Road to Bayappanahalli and back to M G Road. :) Crazy ppl..I know!!

We took tickets and thank God there was little crowd in the train. Enjoyed clicking few pics and the View. Trains are fast. Loved the ride. We reached Bayappanahalli Station. Praveen wanted to meet Mr Bayappa and Miss Bayappi. We went in search of them from the Station. Akki wanted tea.,...We decided to drink

We went in search of Tea in the Dark Lonely place called Bayappanahalli.Took tea and drank it in the Dark..hehehe..Different experience. Tea kudiyokke M G Road inda Bayappanahhli bandha one and only Gang is ours i guess !!

After having an awesome time there, we went back to M G Road in Metro. Took a few pics... Dispersed. It was a lovely evening. Thanks all for making it happen!!

Signing off,