Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trip to Mandalpatti-Kushalnagar.

Hello all.....

Here is a small blog about my trip to Mandalpatti and Kushalnagar with my IBM team.

Our Lead and managers planned for a one day outing to some place. After days of planning, it was decided to goto Mandalpatti- a trekking spot 35Kms from Coorg. We also had plans of covering Kushalnagar, Abbe falls and Nisargadhama. We were close to some 35 and women. It was our Pool 46 team. Sad part is that none of them who sit next to me turned up to the trip. Anyways, that is okay.

We all gathered inside the IBM Food Court- Riviera. (Awesome food..if u know Wat i mean)!! We left IBM  Campus by 11:30PM on Friday the 13th of May. Whoa.. Wat a date it is.. I never noticed it till now. ROFL. The bus moved like a tortoise all the way long i felt. but it was comfortable. We had Light snacks and cool drinks inside the bus. There was not much interaction with the gals and guys while going. Our manager Ranjeetha Patil joined the tirp.

En-Route to Coorg. Pic  by Manohar.

We had a few pit stops for natures call and refills. :-) then continued our journey. There was one stop where we spent close to half hour. A dhaba kind. We found Frogs, cats and dogs inside. Played with them for a while, took pics and then left.
Froggie and me!

After a long journey, we finally reached Markera by 9:00AM. We were late. As per our plan, we were supposed to reach there by 6AM. lol.

We entered a small hotel nearby and freshened up. Had coffee. Gals, as usual took forever to get ready. We then hired 3 Jeeps and left to Mandalpatti (35Kms)

Madikeri, circle.
The jeep we hired

It was one heck of a ride to the trekking spot. Filled with twists and turns. Awesome drivers they were. There was no road at all. Actually, the government is trying to widen the roads in that area. Hmmm, an finally after around half an hour we reached the place. The place was like entrance to Heaven. We were greeted by a heard of Cows. :)

Did a few clicks and got ready to trek. We started climbing the small hill. It was very easy. Nothing to worry at all. Bit sunny But was manageable. Within 20mins, we all reached the View point area. After we reached this place, took a few pics. Then we climbed down the view point. 
Cows and calves

From here there were mountains as far as we can see. Was nice to be there.Took a few pics and climbed up. Most of the team mates were exhausted cos of travelling in Bus and also were very hungry. We did not have Breakfast. So many stayed back at the view point, while 9 of us started trekking up hill- away from the view point. We climbed 2 small hills.

Scenic beauty of Mandalpatti
Lonely Tree

We saw the clouds passing right on us. It was Fog a few said. But it was actually the clouds that were so low that they touched us and went. It was an amazing feeling. We climbed a further up and found a short man made stone wall. Took few pics there and started climbing down.

Guys posing

A cute flower on a dry mountain awaiting rains. 

We also tried shouting at the top of our voice. I did echo... he he. I said MEOW!!! and also screamed. Unfortunately, I am single, else would have shouted I ♥ U :-))

As we descended, Dee turned on music for which our guys started dancing. lol. It was funny..some song with the word,  'Pankajaaa'..old kannada song i guess. 

We finally got down and met others who were waiting near the view point. 

We left to the Jeep and headed back to the Bus.
Path of trek

Small flower with great smell

 We all were tired and needed something to eat and also badly a shower. So we decided to goto the Home stay and get freshened up. It was some 22Kms behind Coorg. So we started and took 1hr to reach it. The road was tooo narrow for the bus so we had to walk and guide the bus to the parking lot. lol.
Boys at the top.

 Once we reached the Home stay, one aunty spoke to me so nicely. She welcomed in 3 different languages and i replied in all the 3..rofl.. She directed me where to stay and get freshened up. And said that Brekfast/Lunch would be ready in 10 mins. So we all went to the rooms to get ready.

 Our Boys found that there was a small stream behind the Home stay. They all decided that we go there to have Bath. So be it. We all took our spare clothes and went to the stream. Not sure if the gals were informed, none came. :) Good for us. We were free to play in the water. rofl.

We spent a good one or one n a half hour in the was so fun..
There was no much water, just a stream. But then, it had 'sucker fish'. I caught one. he he. saw and left it back into the stream.

Took some crazy and funny pics. No comments on it. It s all over Facebook now. I and my frens nicely sat inside the stream. A small water falls hitting the shoulder was like a massage. :-))

The spot where the stream was.

The name of the Home stay!
We got changed to dry clothes and came back to Home Stay. The smell of Hot round Idly Balls- (the size of a ping pong ball) was waiting for us. We had it with Chatni and sambar. Felt like heaven after eating it.
Then, we were given coffee to drink. We all relaxed for a while and checked out of the Home Stay.
The plan to visit Abbe and Nisargadhama was dropped. Passer by's and the Jeep drivers said there is not much water in those places to go see. So we cancelled those places and left to Kushalnagar.

The POOL 46 TEAM at the home stay before leaving.
It was again Journey for a few hours to reach Kushalnagar. We were starving by the time we reached there. Stopped at a Muslim restaurant. Shockingly, all of them ordered vegetarian food. ROFL.

Once we were almost finished, the cashier comes to me and said..."Saar, we have 1086 non-veg items in our menu...wat saar u all ate only veg!!!!"

I didnt know wat to answer for i gave a wide smile and said, sir, i am a vegetarian :-))

Entrance to Buddhist Monastery 
After a heavy lunch, we reached the Monastery. It was as grand and beautiful as it was when i visited it last time!!!
 Most of them were either tired or sleepy. A few of us went eagerly inside. Took nice pics and roamed the interiors of the place. Others did a bit of window shopping and few got shades.


Wonderful paintings and art. Loved it. Things have changed a bit. It has become more protected.

The carvings and the designs inside the temple were beautiful.

A Bell next to which everyone takes

Exit time...sunset...

After visiting the place we all gathered at the bus parking area. There was a photo session there. We then got into the bus and headed back to Bangalore.

On the way we played Dumbsharads and passed time. We reached bangalore by 11:30 or so and got cabs and reached home by 1:30AM.

Over all it was a good trip. Could have covered more places. Well, that's okay. There is always next time.!!!

Hope u guys iked it....will be writing more.....

Take care guys!!!!! Good is 1:30 AM.. :-)))


  1. Hi :) Awesome pics. Can you share the homestay details plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

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  3. It was raining when I visited mandalpatti.. Plus it was foggy as well. Made this video..