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Bhramagiri Hills Trek 2014

Hello Fellas  !! After a long time, writing a Blog. Thought of keeping myself engaged in my free time...
Here goes...

After a lot of planning and discussion, me and my Palakkad Iyer Bro Anand Ramanathan decided to visit Bhramagiri Hills and Trek it. It was a Two Day plan where in we cover a set of hills by walk and climb the Highest Hillock - Bhramagiri (1608 mts). This Hill is right on the Border Line of Kerala(Wayanad)-Karnataka(Kodagu).

Map of Srimangala Wildlife Range

There are many routes to trek it, But we Chose to Start from the foot hills near the Irupu Falls. (Wayanad Side). Few days before the schedule, we had to call the Srimangala Forest Range Officer and get permission to Trek the Wildlife Forest Range. Also, we had to Reserve our Night Stay @ the Forest Rest House atop the Hills. It was a mandate to hire a Guide for this Trek. So we did that as well over the phone.

With everything in place; me, Anand, his fren Nikunj, Our common Fren Nagashree and her Husband were ready for the Trek. On 15th November 2015, early Morning around 3AM, Me and Anand finished our Office and reached his place. We picked up the 'Model Couple' and Nikunj; left Bangalore after packing our Luggage and food in Anand's Alto Car.

We reached the spot near Irupu Falls, where we were supposed to meet our Guide to Start the Trek. It was a beautiful Location. It had a Temple on the banks of the river 'Lakshmana Tirtha'. Legend has it that Lord Rama and Lakshmana were searching for Sita and they became thirsty. Lakshmana shot an arrow into the Brahmagiri from which the river sprang. Rama is said to have dedicated a Shiva Kshethra known as Rajeshwara Temple on the banks of river Lakshmana Tirtha. The Lakshmana Tirtha river eventually flows into the Kaveri River.

We Freshened up and visited the Temple while waiting for our Guide to come. We then walked towards Irupu Falls where the Guide said he will meet us. The falls was very Majestic and the water was the color of Milk. It fell down the rocky terrain several times and was nice to see.

Entrance to the Wild Life Sanctuary
Irupu Falls

While waiting for Our guide to come, we took some pics of the Falls and scenic beauty. This Sanctuary  is home to a vast variety of  Butterflies. It was nice to see so many of them flying around you.
Sun Bathing Bird
Butterflies !!
After a nice one hour of waiting, finally the Guide arrived with another Gang of Guys. We together did the trek. The guys were working in Robert Bosh and had come for the weekend trek, just like us.

We started our Trek away from the Falls towards Woody Mountains. It was one hell of a Trek. The region had received a lot of Rains in the past weeks and was now infested with Leeches. It was a Race on the Leech Mountain. Soon after everyone realized the presence of Leeches on their feet, they ran uphill. Efforts to remove them were in vein. Somehow we managed to remove most of them.

The more we stood at a place, the more they attacked us. So it was a non stop climb up hill. AAbout an hour past and we started to see Grasslands. Much Relief, since Leeches are less where there is sunlight.

It was a Long walk and we finally reached the 'Forest Rest House' by Evening . !! That was a Relief.
Here, we freshened up and took rest for a while. We were very hungry and had to eat. We had Maggie and Ready to Eat packets with us. There was a fire place outside the Rest House. The Guide helped us light the fire and we cooked Maggie and boiled Eggs. We spent the evening chatting and took rest for the day !! For Drinking water, we had to walk down a little towards a Stream. It was the Sweetest water you could get. So cold and Tasty.

We tucked ourselves in for the night and tried to get some sleep. Few had Sleeping bags, few bedsheets. There was sheets of Felt in our rooms on which we slept. 

I Woke up early morning by 4;30 and saw the place was completely covered with Fog. I Had a bad feeling that we won't be able to start our trek until the Fog Clears. By God's Grace it cleared by 6am, We freshened up and continued our Trek towards Bhramagiri.

En route, we found few Water Holes where the Wild animals like Wild Boars, Elephants and Tigers took refuge and quenched their thirst. Although we couldn't spot Tigers and Elephants, we sure did feel their presence. Near one of the Water Holes that we passed by, there were fresh prints -- PUG Marks of a Tiger and few Elephants. It was bit scary. It was my first time i Ever saw a Pug mark of a Tiger. It was big :D 


Into the Wild...!
Stunts While Trekking !!

The Guide and Me

While Trekking on the Plains

Posing near a Water Hole..

Enroute to the Hill, I spotted a Group of Wild Boars resting and sunbathing on a plain. Also, took some clicks of the beautiful landscape.

Flock of Stags sunbathing faaar faaar away!!

An Alpha Male..
At a point of time while Trekking, we were so tired and needed water badly. At a Water hole, we drank as much as we could and gained the strength to continue. Finally, the Tallest Mountain 'Brahmagiri' was visible.. In Joy, we rushed towards it only to find that it was one hell of a Steep mountain to climb.

The Mountain is Half part Kerala, half part Karnataka. The Border Line is clearly visible and divides the mountain between the two states. The Guide stopped near the foot hill and told us to carry on further up while he waited for our return. We started to climb the hill. It had Rocks, boulders and loose soil; along with Grass and twigs. One tough climb it was I tell you....

It took us more than 45 minutes to reach the hill top and we were the kings...!! Felt very happy seeing the view and the fresh air was so relaxing. We unpacked and had a little snacks and ensured that the place was not littered. Took a lot of snaps and headed back downwards.

Our Group...

A View from Bhramagiri

Spotted Wild Boars below the Hill...

Panoramic View from Brahmagiri

It was Noon by now and the Sun was at his peak. After relaxing for a while, we realized that it was gonna get dark soon and we had a long way back to go. We picked up pace and headed back to Rest House. Took a while, but yes..Somehow managed to reach the Rest House on time. On the Way, we got to enjoy the scenic beauty and took few pics.
Mountain Ranges

After reaching the Rest House, we took rest for a while and prepared for out Trek downhill towards Irupu Falls. There was a Skeletal Remains of a Wild Indian Bison lying around outside the Rest House. Took Pic lifting it. :-))

Heading towards Irupu Falls was fun. Recollecting all the fun we had. And also the Leeches revisited us and started their work. We were so tired to get tensed and remove them by now. All we did was walk as fast as we could towards the Falls.

At the falls, we said Good Byes to Our Frens from Bosh. And also to Our Guide without whom we couldn't have made it. I wanted a bath so badly that I and Anand went for a dip under the Falls.

The water was so cold and also refreshing. We stood under the falls for a vigorous Massage... was Awesome... The Body pain simply flew away...After a cold bath..we changed clothes and headed back to the parking lot near the temple.

View from Parking lot

There was a small Trouble with the Car when we came back. It wouldn't start. Locals said the lights were ON all night and the battery drained. We took help from the Locals and tourists from Kerala and somehow got it started. Thank God. !!

We then headed back to Bangalore :) It was a wonderful Trek if you ask me.. Very Refreshing.. I got Tanned so badly lolz.. Still recovering... !!

Anand Dropped me home and we said our Good Byes....!

Hope you liked reading it.. Have an Awesome day !! Take Care..!!

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